Savannah Georgia’s Premier DUI Attorney

Fighting for what’s just and right.  An experienced Georgia DUI lawyer practicing DUI defense exclusively, Cerbone DUI Defense serves clients in Savannah, Chatham County, Bryan, Effingham, Liberty, and Bulloch Counties. Supported by help of former DUI law enforcement (former DUI police officers) and former police breath alcohol test experts and field sobriety experts, the DUI lawyer, Jason Cerbone focuses entirely on DUI defense and criminal DUI related license suspensions. No cases but misdemeanor or felony DUI defense (driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or drugs) are accepted.

Let our nationally-recognized DUI defense lawyer guide you through this. His experience, reputation, and courtroom skills are well-known. But at Cerbone DUI Defense, we are devoted to serving you quality and top-notch service, and we take pride in our stellar record of super-pleased clients. We invite you to review a few of the many complimentary endorsements we receive from our valued clients on Avvo.com, and to check out our DUI case results on the Blog.  We provide this to show you the kind of suc­cess we earn. Your case will dif­fer. But our hard-fought defense stays the same. Our clients gave us per­mi­sion to tell you about their cases. They are happy with our pro­fes­sional skills and our ethics.

  • Jason Cerbone is chosen by medical professionals, lawyers, bail-bondsmen, commissioners, bankers, and SCAD students, to represent them personally as well as their family members and friends.
  • Jason Cerbone is a certified instructor in DUI Standardized Field Sobriety Testing under the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) standards.
  • Ongoing advanced level DUI defense education
  • Our mission: Dismiss, Beat or Reduce your DUI charges. The ideal is a reduced charge to a non-DUI.
  • Our team understands the many ways to beat a DUI charge. We know the problems with Georgia’s breath test, the Intoxilyzer 5000. The Georgia DUI breath test apparatus (Intoxilyzer 5000) can give wrong high readings because of many things. See The Secret to Winning DUI Cases.
  • We’ll act FAST to save your driver’s license. Waiting even a few days in Georgia will result in an automatic Administrative License Suspension. Your wait will also destroy our chances of collecting the very evidence that can win your DUI case.
  • Below is a video of Jason Cerbone working on a DUI Defense investigation.