DUI under the limit reduced

Chatham State Court DUI down to reckless - Jason Cerbone - Savannah GA DUI Attorney

+-*He was arrested for DUI under the limit (.062), and plead his DUI charge down to Reckless Driving. John and his wife went to Applebee’s for dinner. He drank two beers with his wings. On his way home he was pulled over by the Savannah Metropolitan Police for Failure to move over. There was traffic […]

Recorder’s Court DUI Down to Reckless

Recorders Court DUI Down to Reckless Driving - Jason Cerbone - Savannah DUI Lawyer

+-*Mr. Anderson was arrested on I-16 by the Georgia Department of Public Safety (a.k.a. Georgia State Patrol). He was charged with DUI – Any combination of alcohol/drugs/toxic vapor/less safe – 40-6-391(a)(4); Speeding in excess of maximum limits 40-6-181; and Failure to maintain lane – 40-6-48. He took a blood test and the results showed an […]

DUI Reduced for Art Director

DUI to reckless in Chatham County State Court for Art Gallery Director - Jason Cerbone Savannah DUI Lawyer

+-*Lily had just left the Art Gallery where she hosted a Gala in downtown Savannah, Georgia. She was driving down Highlands Boulevard when she saw headlights coming at her. There were no other cars on the road. The headlights passed her, did a U-turn, became blue lights, and came for her. She pulled over. The Savannah […]

Model Arrested for DUI Plead to Reckless Driving

Model Arrested for DUI Plead to Reckless Driving - Jason Cerbone Savannah DUI Lawyer

+-*Elena was arrested for Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) with .02 grams or more under 21 years of age – 40-6-391(k)(1); Underage possession of alcohol – 7-3-24(b); and Speeding – 40-6-181 by the Richmond Hill Police Department. The police officer claimed that he “detected an odor consistent with that of an intoxicating beverage,” […]

DUI Dismissed at Tybee Preliminary Hearing

DUI lawyer Jason Cerbone gets DUI dismissed on Tybee for no probable cause

+-*  My client, (I will call him John) is a successful entrepreneur who owns a vacation home on the beach on Tybee Island, Georgia.  He was charged with DUI less safe (alcohol), Open container, and Following too closely.  This would have been his fifth DUI in life. This could have been bad. But, it turned out good. […]

DUI Total Dismissal in State Court

DUI refusal dismissed in State Court - Jason Cerbone - Savannah DUI lawyer

+-*Wyatt is a top-level Gulfstream Engineer and he needed to beat this DUI to keep his job. He was charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) – 40-6-391, and Speeding.  We were ready for the jury trial. The field sobriety test expert witness came to Savannah, Georgia the night before. This case had been rescheduled […]