Innocent UNLESS proven guilty

Innocent unless proven guilty - Cerbone DUI Defense

-+*In the Chatham County courthouse in Savannah, Georgia for a DUI trial I looked at my potential jurors and then to Kat and back to the jurors and began. In a minute I am going to ask you if you think Kat is probably guilty of DUI. Some of you are afraid that you will give […]

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Secretariat won beyond reasonable doubt

-+*Secretariat won beyond a reasonable doubt. In America, before the government can ruin your life, they have the burden of proof.  A girl’s life is on the line in Savannah, Georgia.  The State of Georgia must rule out all reasonable doubts that she is guilty of DUI. You all have heard this before.  The government […]

DUI breath test triggers false number

-+*Two more minutes. If the Georgia police officer had waited two more minutes we would not be here. That is because a good breath test requires a full twenty minute waiting period. These are not my rules, They are the government’s rules on how to provide a breath test that you may rely on. It is […]

Win Your DUI Breath Test

-+*I had grown tired of standing in the lean and lonely front line facing the greatest enemy that ever confronted man — public opinion.  But, I went in, to do what I could for sanity and humanity against the wave of hatred and malice that, as ever, was masquerading under its usual nom de plume: […]

Tips to Avoid DUI on Saint Patrick’s Day

18 Tips to Avoid DUI in Savannah, Georgia on Saint Patrick's Day - Cerbone DUI Defense

-+*Don’t drink and drive if you are impaired.  Don’t drive anything, even golf carts. NEVER admit that you drank any alcohol. Never perform field sobriety tests. Never blow into a portable breath test device. Be quiet.  Don’t blurt out anything to the cop to try and explain yourself because it will be used against you […]

Preliminary Breath Test

Girl blows in a Preliminary breath test for DUI at roadside

-+*One Million people may be on the way.  Savannah’s 2012 Saint Patrick’s Day Parade could be the largest in the world. The Preliminary Breath Test (PBT) is used incorrectly by many police officers in Savannah, Georgia.  On Saint Patrick’s Day it gets used worse.  The PBT used by the police in Savannah, Georgia is the […]

How High is Drunk?

-+*What’s the legal limit for DUI? How much can you have before you are under the influence and DUI less safe in Savannah?  It depends.  It depends on how much time you drink.  Are you a man or woman? How big are you?  Did you drink on an empty stomach? It is not against the […]

The Road is a Dirty Mess

Jason Cerbone, DUI Defense Attorney on DUI Investigation in Savannah, Georgia

-+*You’re scared. You’re nervous. You have trouble understanding the cop’s directions. He barks them to you one time. The ground is sloped and there is gravel. You’re alone. Strobe lights from the police car bounce, and there is a man in front of you with a gun.  You are doing the “Field Sobriety Tests” (FST’s), but […]

Georgia’s Breath Test not Good Enough for Alabama

-+*In 1998 Alabama abandoned the Intoxilyzer 5000 after controlled lab testing of blood and breath samples showed breath samples on the 5000 were artificially high. The apparatus failed Bama’s “quality assurance” program.  The Georgia DUI breath apparatus (Intoxilyzer 5000) is a piece of police equipment. Hospitals don’t use them. Doctors don’t use them. The apparatus […]

The Secret to Winning DUI Cases

Jason Cerbone, Savannah DUI Lawyer with A.W. Jones, the best DUI Alcohol Expert in the world

-+*Last week I drove from Savannah to Atlanta to go to this DUI seminar.  The man on the left is Dr. A.W. Jones., the foremost leading alcohol expert in the world.  He’s from Sweden. He works for the Swedish government.  Talk about the perfect expert witness for a DUI case.  The man in the red […]