DUI Roadblocks in Savannah, Georgia

Cerbone DUI Defense - A man does field sobriety tests at a roadblock in Savannah, Georgia

Imagine driving. Ahead is a wall of blue lights. They block the road. A policeman is directing traffic. He raises his flashlight. You slow suddenly. You’re in the jam. You stop. Two cops come to your window. One sticks a flashlight in your face.  One says, “Breath on me. Have you been drinking? Get out of the car.” The questioners have all the efficiency, coldness, and command of themselves as police who are policing and are not being policed on. “I beg your pardon,” you say.” You stand there and listen to this. The questioning is stupid. You are obviously a drunk driving. You see how their minds work. They are all young men and they are saving Savannah’s streets. And this is the price you paid for driving. Once it starts you are in the mill-race. This is the end of the trap.

Was the roadblock done by the rules? Did the roadblock have a supervisory cop? Did the roadblock have a good legal purpose? Were all cars stopped? Was the delay quick? The law is technical for roadblocks.  If the police didn’t follow the law, you have a chance to challenge your DUI and win. You do not want something reasonable, you want something technical and then stick to it without explanations.

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