National College for DUI Defense

National College for DUI Defense - Jason Cerbone

I bought this expensive big blue book called: “Drunk Driving Defense,” by Lawrence Taylor and Steve Oberman.  I began reading it and saw that the only way to get good at this was to do what these guys said to do and to do only DUI.  The man, Lawrence Taylor (The Dean of DUI Attorneys,) wrote me an email and told me to join the 1000+ member National College of DUI Defense (NCDD,) and take advantage of its excellent seminars, online data resources and very helpful listserve. I joined. I went to the first seminar I could, and it was in Las Vegas.  I met Lawrence Taylor, and Steve Oberman, and so many more top DUI lawyers. I am following the leaders.

The College is the best thing I’ve done since I became a lawyer.  The greatest legal minds alive in DUI Defense lead it, run it, share it, and keep up with it.   There mission: “to provide the finest advanced level training available to the DUI Defense Law practitioner.  I’m excited about going to New Orleans on April 14th for the seminar “Mastering Scientific Evidence in DUI Cases” put on by the NCDD.  The thing was founded by William C. “Bubba” Head, one of the deans of DUI Defense in Atlanta, Georgia in 1994.  I use his book every single day.  The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual is my Bible.

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